Convoitise Tour Breakdown

The Modeling Tour Breakdown

Week 1 & 2

Model Casting, Tour Duration, and Tour Locations

Model Casting

Potential models submit their information and images for consideration. Every tour will require casting 2 to 4 models. Potential models not selected for initial submitted tour, well be considered for later tours within 6 months of their submission.


Pre-Application Review

Before submitting to a Convoitise tour. It is important to ensure you have a understanding of the expectations and demands of a Convoitise tour model. From the amount of travel in a short amount of time, to the modeling style our models perform. Being comfortable with all aspects of the tour is required to be a casted model.


Application Submission**

Ready to move forward? Complete a "New Model' application. It is important to make sure you have all accurate information for much of the application data is required for acceptance. Age Verification and Submission images are also required to help speed up the tour process.


The Interview

Once you have submitted your application, we are going to want to talk to you. We want to get to know better. Convoitise is not always the right fit for everyone, and everyone is not always the right fit Convoitise. The interview is designed not only to help us see you, but to answer any and all questions you have from us.

Sample Images

*when sending age verification images, black out DL and SS numbers and street address*

**submission images must be clear full frontal and side profile images**


Tour Locations & Duration

Setting the tour sites go hand and hand with how long the tour will be. Tour management will include mandatory sites, while setting model desired sites. The longer the tour, the more model desired sites will be included.


Mandatory Locations

Our goal is to customize each tour to benefit each model on the tour. However for many models, touring is a brand promotion. This means that there some sites that every model must visit to help build and promote her brand. Each tour will have a minimum of 2 mandatory locations


Model Desired Locations

Whether it is a personal wish, or a economic opportunity, now is the chance for models to see that place there have always dreamed. Selected models select 5 to 15 desired sites, depending of the tour length.


Tour Duration

The tour length is agreed upon by participating models and the tour management team. Minimum tour lengths are 14 days, while the maximum tour is 45 days. Availabity for tour durations may affect casting confirmations.

Week 3 - 6

Contract Confirmation & Tour Itinerary

Contract Confirmation

The tour contract is a form of protection for both Convoitise as well as the models. All details agreed to and planned from weeks 1 & 2, as well as standards and expectations of all parties are put to paper. The signing of the contract marks the start of tour execution phase.


Digital Contract

Convoitise will send each casted model a copy of the tour contract. This will give each model a few days to review the contract before the contract conference. The contract is not signed at this time.


Contract Conference

The Contract Conference serves two purposes. All casted models with being able to meet and speak to one another. This also allows the management team to review the contract with each model and answer all questions for all models at one time.

Convoitise Tour Breakdown

Execution Phase

Now the tour management really gets to work for you!!!

Setting Tour Itinerary

This is where the planning turns to execution. Setting the schedule of the tour sites to be visited, the specific order of travel, dates and times of flights, as well as collaborating with local affiliates for current and upcoming modeling events and location features.


Tour Travel Bookings

Travel arrangements are reserved and confirmed at each site location. "Need to know" information about the local area is collected and passed onto casted models.


Tour Shoot Bookings

This is what it's about. The Planning a d booking of the models paid assignments is the key to the success of the tour. Detailed information about shoots such as themes, props, ect.. is gathered and passed on.


Administrative Procedures

The business portion of the tour is crucial in order for a tour run smoothly. The management team will walk you through the steps and processes to conduct any business end activities you will have to perform while on tour.

Final Pre-Tour Conference

Days before the start of the tour, the cast will meet for any and all last minute questions & review all the details and ensure everyone has everything they need.

During the tour

Site to Site monitoring, Conflict Solutions, Financial Certification


Site to Site Monitoring

On travel days, ensuring that the full cast get from one site to the other is of the up most importance. Staying aware of possible weather delays, travel arrangement changes, etc. the tour team will at you moments notice.


Conflict Resolution

Although we all hope for a drama free tour, the reality is, issues do come up. From personality tension with the cast, to photographer complaints. There is no conflict too small for us to handle.


Financial Certification

Ensuring that all transactions are completed, that all cast members receive their compensation and that all fees and services are satisfied reviewed daily throughout the tour.

Wrap-up Conference

Once home and happy, there is only one thing left to do, help us making out tours better. The Wrap-up conference is our way to get feedback from our cast all at one time.