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College Girl Swag

College Girl Swag By blackmerida Nikki listened to the other girls talking as she pulled her tight fitting lacrosse jersey over her sports bra. “I had sex with a black guy and a white guy this weekend. The black guy was so much bigger.” A chorus of giggles followed and echoed through the locker room [...]

Pleasing My Husband

Pleasing My Husband By LawrenceLover I can tell that he’s stressed because he keeps touching his hair and adjusting his tie. My poor baby , I think to myself. It’s killing me that he’s so stressed out over work. The mere thought of him getting fired is driving him into deep anxiety. I watch him every [...]

Finding Love on the Other Side

Finding Love on the Other Side By techgoddess Charlotte sat in a chair by the hotel pool with her red hair swept back in a ponytail, deeply involved in reading the newspaper. She wasn’t sure why she bothered. It was all bad news. But it helped pass the time. She took her eyes off the [...]

My lovely masseuse

My lovely masseuse By stiffstick I met my masseuse through an advertisement on craigslist. The ad was very basic but it was what it didn’t say that intrigued me. A lot of the ads referred to sensual massage, happy endings etc but hers was straight to the point regarding good massage services, waxing and other [...]

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual By SensualDesires83 She was always horniest in the mornings. She was as wet as she ever had been in her life as she lied there on her bed, her legs spread as wide as she could get them. She could feel the sexual fluid of her arousal escape her hot vertical lips and [...]