Convoitise New Model Breakdown

The New Model Breakdown

Phase One

Application and Model Casting


Potential models submit their information and images for consideration. Applications must be completed in full to be eligible for consideration.


Pre-Application Review

Before submitting to be a Convoitise model. It is important to ensure you have a understanding of the expectations and demands of a Convoitise model. From the amount of travel that could be expected, to the modeling style our models perform. Being comfortable with all aspects of what we do is required to be a Convoitise model.


Application Submission**

Ready to move forward? Complete a "New Model' application. It is important to make sure you have all accurate information for much of the application data is required for acceptance. Age Verification and Submission images are also required to help speed up the casting process.

Sample Images

*when sending age verification images, black out DL and SS numbers and street address*

**submission images must be clear full frontal and side profile images**


Casting Interview

Once you have submitted your application, we are going to want to talk to you. We want to get to know better. Convoitise is not always the right fit for everyone, and everyone is not always the right fit Convoitise. The interview is designed not only to help us understand you, but to answer any and all questions you have for us.

Phase two

Preliminary Trail

After being approved by the casting team. For the first 30 days, each model will work with their primary manager to begin understanding and setting goals for their modeling career with us. Coming up with a plan and figuring out solid strategies that work with the model, in order to build their modeling brand. It is during this time that models decide if they are comfortable with our team, our style, and our vision for their future. If so, models then sign their NON-EXCLUSIVE Convoitise manager’s contract. At any point during these 30 days, both Convoitise and or the model may decide to part ways for any reason.

Convoitise New Model Breakdown

Are you ready!!!

If you think we are right for you, then let's get to work!!!

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