Finding Love on the Other Side

By techgoddess

Charlotte sat in a chair by the hotel pool with her red hair swept back in a ponytail, deeply involved in reading the newspaper. She wasn’t sure why she bothered. It was all bad news. But it helped pass the time. She took her eyes off the paper to grab a sip of her iced tea when she realized that she was not alone in the pool area. Across the way, there was a woman in a tiny bikini, setting a towel on her lounge chair. The woman made eye contact and waved, so Charlotte waved back. This apparently was an invitation for the woman to pick up her things and move next to where Charlotte was sitting. So much for quiet, alone time. “Hi there, do you mind if I sit by you?” the woman asked. “You look like you could use some company. My name is Noelle, by the way.” “Sure, go ahead,” Charlotte responded, trying not to roll her eyes and give away her mild annoyance of being forced to make small talk with a perfect stranger. “I’m Charlotte, but most people call me Charly.” Noelle smiled, “Thanks, Charly. I appreciate you being so nice. I’m going through a shitty divorce and I sort of ran away from home to have some time to think. But I’ve had enough of being alone and was craving some conversation. I figured you’d have mercy on a fellow redhead. I promise I won’t talk about my ex, politics, or religion.” Charlotte thought it was ironic that Noelle was in the same predicament as she was and figured maybe a conversation with this chatty woman would be more uplifting than the news. She nodded and said, “I’m in the same boat, actually. Only my shitty divorce was final on Friday so I came here to think about what my next move should be.” “I’d say I’m sorry to hear that,” Noelle said, “but maybe you’re better off. I know I will be.” So much for not talking about exes, Charly thought. “Yes, I am better off. The man I divorced didn’t want me anymore.” Noelle nodded, “Same here. Although, it’s hard because I didn’t fall out of love with him, he fell out of love with me when we found out we couldn’t get pregnant. He’s trying to argue that I knew all along and, therefore, don’t deserve half of the assets we’ve acquired together. He doesn’t know that I know he is already seeing another woman whom he knocked up. I fed that info to my lawyer, who thinks my ex will back down once that’s all out in the open.” Charly was silent for a moment. She felt an odd mix of irritation, pity, and an emotion she couldn’t place. So, instead of making an excuse to leave, she did something totally out of character. “Can I buy you a drink?” she asked Noelle. Noelle looked like she was going to cry but managed to nod her head yes. Charly motioned for the pool area waiter to come over. “We’ll have two Rum Runners please,” she said, not bothering to ask if that’s what Noelle wanted to drink. Noelle was fascinated by the air of confidence that Charly seemed to exude. For a woman dissolving her marriage, she seemed unflappable. She didn’t mean to be so forward, but the words tumbled out of her mouth, “How are you not falling apart?” Charly looked stunned. Not so much at the question coming from someone she barely knew, but because she felt, inside, like she was falling apart. “What makes you think I’m not?” Charly asked bluntly. “You seem like someone who always has their shit together,” Noelle blurted out. “You’re steady and poised and I’m a hot mess!” Charly felt her heart soften a little more, “Noelle, I’m just further along in the process. You’re still in the throes of ending a marriage. Mine’s been dead for years. I was just too stupid not to realize it.” Charly took a deep breath to hold the tears threatening to come spilling out at bay. “Look, I’ve been in your shoes; I’ve been a hot mess. I just finally grew tired of crying all the time and feeling like shit.” Noelle nodded, “You nailed that feeling pretty well. I wanted to see a fertility specialist, but he said he wasn’t going to throw his hard-earned money away because my parts didn’t work right.” Charly was appalled, “He sounds like a first-class asshole. I know you loved him, but what kind of a man tosses away the woman he loves just because she can’t produce a child in the traditional manner? I hope his bitch on the side has triplets and that they are all fussy babies who cry all night!” Noelle giggled, “Oh, I like the way you think!” The drinks arrived, and Charly had the check put on her room account. Noelle protested, “You don’t have to pay for mine.”

Finding Love on the Other Side

“Nonsense, I asked if I could buy you a drink and you accepted. Don’t make a big deal about it,” Charly said. “Besides, buying you a drink means I don’t have to drink alone in the middle of the day.” “Well, if it helps you out then, I can take one for the team,” Noelle teased. Charly smiled, “There ya go, thank you!” “Holy shit, this drink is strong!” Noelle commented after taking a gulp. “I supposed I should sip more slowly.” “You could,” Charly replied, “Or you could just allow yourself to get hammered and forget, for one afternoon, that you have spent years letting someone make you feel like a disappointment.” Noelle tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, “Are you speaking of me or yourself now?” Charly sighed, “Both, I guess.” “So, since you brought it up, for what reason did your husband consider you a disappointment?”

Noelle asked bravely. But she was not prepared for the answer. “I wasn’t a man,” Charly said. “Oh,” Noelle asked, “so he’s gay?” “Yep. And I have no problem with that, it was the years of deception and making me feel like we had a crappy sex life because I was an inadequate lover that really got to me,” Charly shared. “When he couldn’t get it up, he blamed me for not being desirable enough. I did everything I could think of to make him happy. I even let him talk me into anal sex, because it seemed to be the one thing that got him hard. Eventually, even that wasn’t enough, and I agreed to a threesome with a guy he worked with. He said he thought it would spice up our sex life. I loved him so much, I was willing to do anything.” Noelle nodded, “How was that?” “I have to say, it was exciting at first. I mean two men servicing me was pretty fucking hot, I can’t lie!” Charly admitted. “Then, it became clear that I was just an extra in this little ménage à trois. After a while, I realized I was being played.They were having an affair, and these little sessions were meant to quell my doubts and make me believe that things were fine. When, all the while, I was the odd man out.” Noelle put her hand on Charly’s and said, “I’m so sorry.” “Honestly, at first I was fine with his being bisexual and agreed to let his lover into our marriage. He even moved in with us. Then, David asked me to take the spare room so that Michael could share the master bedroom with him. I was so desperate to save my marriage, I actually agreed to that,” Charly continued. “Wow, you were awfully fucking accommodating!” Noelle expressed, feeling angry for her new friend. “It gets better,” Charly said with a half-hearted laugh, “I had wanted a baby for so long, and David always said the time wasn’t right. But once Michael was tucked snugly into our lives and our home, David suggested that both he and Michael should try to get me pregnant. I was stunned, but I agreed because I wanted a baby so badly.” “What happened next?” Noelle asked. “I spread my legs and let them both cum in me and prayed to get pregnant,” she answered. “Then when it didn’t happen the first month, I worried that if I wasn’t able to give him a baby, I’d lose David.” “So, is that what happened? You couldn’t get pregnant like me?” Noelle asked. Charly shook her head, “No. I overheard David and Michael arguing one night. Michael was starting to doubt my ability to conceive. Apparently, the plan was to get me pregnant, then after I gave birth, David would file for divorce and sue for full custody, and then the three of them would live happily ever after.” Noelle said, “What makes them think a judge would have awarded them custody?” “Michael is a lawyer,” Charly said, as a tear escaped and rolled down her cheek. “When I realized they were just using me, I pulled the plug. I hired a fancy-ass lawyer of my own and filed for divorce before he could. Michael made me take a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant with their child and was just trying to run off with their baby.” Noelle was speechless. “It came out later that David and Michael had been lovers before I married David. Marrying me was Michael’s idea so that they could keep their sexuality a secret and have a baby. David admitted before signing the divorce papers that he never loved me and had used me. My lawyer wanted to push for spousal support. But I don’t need his money, and I don’t want to have any ties with him anymore,” Charly said sadly. “I’m not sure what to say,” Noelle admitted. It wasn’t the first time she’d heard this story. “Well, it’s over. And I came out stronger for it. Anyway, that’s my story.” Charly sighed, “Ready for another drink?” Noelle said, “Oh, hell yes!” The rest of the afternoon was spent on lighter conversation topics and involved several more Rum Runners. By the time evening rolled around, they felt like they were old friends catching up, rather than woman who’d met only hours before. “I have to admit, I was really annoyed when you came over to talk to me earlier,” Charly giggled, “but I’m really glad you did.” “Me too,” Noelle said, letting her hand linger a little too long on Charly’s shoulder. She was just inebriated enough to admit why she really came over to the table that afternoon. “I really came over because you have the most amazing pair of tits I’ve ever seen!” Charly nearly spit out her drink, “Wow, thanks, I think!” Noelle smiled, “I mean it, they are obviously real and quite large. I’ve always been fascinated with big boobs since, as you can plainly see, I have very small breasts.”

Charly, feeling a little tipsy herself, said, “Well, hell, invite me back to your room and you can take a closer look!” Noelle blushed, “Really? Are you serious? Because I would love to see them.” Charly laughed, “Sure, why not?” Once inside her room, Noelle said, “Okay, let’s see ‘em!” Charly feigned shock at Noelle’s suggestion, “So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Just pop the top and let you leer at my tits? No suggestive words to woo me, or foreplay of any kind?” Noelle blinked. She was trying to decide if Charly was teasing her or being serious. She decided to go with her gut and took Charly’s face in her hands and kissed her softly on the lips. She expected Charly to pull away. Instead, she was rewarded with a deeper, more sensual kiss in return. Charly broke the kiss off gently and looked at Noelle, “I think that may be the most erotic kiss I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’d very much like to do it again to make sure I didn’t imagine what I just felt.” Noelle pulled Charly to her and gave her a kiss that made her toes curl. The taste of Noelle’s sweet lip gloss, combined with her soft lips, made the dance of their tongues feel electrifying to Charly as her pulse quickened. “So,” Noelle said. “I suppose I should apologize for that.” “No,” Charly interrupted. “You don’t need to apologize. Maybe this is just the alcohol talking, but I’ve never been kissed like that. It made me feel vibrant and sexy, and turned on feelings down there that I thought had long sense faded away.” Noelle smiled, “Really? Oh my gosh, I’m so glad. I thought I’d ruined our beautiful new friendship by acting on impulse. Just so you know, I’ve never kissed a woman before. Well, not like that, not in a sexual way.” “You could have fooled me,” Charly grinned. “I’ve never kissed a woman like that either. It was incredible. Your tongue did things I didn’t think were humanly possible. It made me wonder what it could do elsewhere.” Noelle laughed, “So, what kind of foreplay did you have in mind in order for me to see those delicious melons of yours?” Charly laughed so hard, she nearly snorted, “You did not just call them melons! Too funny!” Then she added, “Give me another one of those erotic kisses and my tits are all yours.” “Just your tits?” Noelle asked coyly. “What if I want more, Charly? Will you explore this dip into bisexuality with me?” Charly pondered, “Is that what this is?” “Did you want it to be more?” Noelle inquired sincerely. “I don’t know, this is moving so fast. I just met you this morning and now I want your hands all over me,” Charly admitted. Noelle took Charly by the hands and led her to the bed, “We can do as much or as little as you want. You set the limits and the pace.” Charly answered by removing her top, allowing her 38 DD breasts to dangle freely in front of Noelle’s face. “May I touch them?” she asked innocently. “Yes, please, I want you to touch them,” Charly answered. Noelle lifted each breast up, one in each hand, “They’re so heavy! I guess I didn’t think about how heavy they would be.” She massaged the ample breasts and then lifted one of them to her mouth. She flicked the hard nipple and sent shockwaves through Charly’s body, making her moan. “Please don’t stop,” Charly begged. “I’ve never felt anything so exquisite in all my life.” Noelle began sucking and nibbling gently, while the fingers of her other hand deftly rolled the other nipple between them, using just enough pressure to make Charly’s clit start to throb. She switched to the other side to give the other nipple the same delicious experience. Then she laid Charly back in the bed, took off her own top, and climbed in next to her. “My tiny little A cups don’t hold a candle to your giant tatas, but I figured it was only fair to show you mine,” Noelle said a little shyly. “Nonsense! You have no idea what I’d give to have a perky little set of tits like yours,” Charly reassured her. “Really? Why?” she asked incredulously. “I think it would be nice to have breasts that sit up instead of hang down.” Charly explained. Charly reached out to touch Noelle and gently pinched those perky little nips. “These are perfect,” she purred before treating Noelle to the same erotic nipple play as she’d been given. “Oh, my God!” Noelle cried out. “Holy shit, you weren’t kidding about this feeling amazing!” Charly continued her gentle assault on her new friend’s delightful little chest as she reached down to feel the dampness through her bikini bottom. Noelle stopped her, sat up and said, “If we are going to do this, I need to know that you’re not going to leave here and forget you ever met me. I don’t expect you to start a relationship with me, but I can’t just be a one-night stand if this is going to go past touching and become full on sex.” Charly tucked Noelle’s hair behind her ear in a move that was so tender, it made Noelle sigh. “Hey,” Charly said, “I don’t know what this night will lead to, but the day we spent together, pouring out our souls to each other has cemented our friendship in my mind. I am interested in seeing where this goes, but either way, I’m not going to just walk away from you.” With that, Noelle laid back and spread her legs for Charly. “I want you to taste me, tease me, and make me feel alive again. I promise to return the favor,” Noelle begged.

Charly wasted no time with words. She simply moved down between those shapely legs and planted soft, wet kisses up and down her inner thighs, making Noelle moan with pleasure. She moved her tongue around in circles on a delicate soft mound, underneath a tiny ginger landing strip. When she finally made contact with her clit, Noelle arched and moaned. Encourage by those obvious signs of pleasure, Charly got a little braver with her tongue and began alternating flicking her clit and darting in and out of her delicious pink folds. Noelle’s body started to move rhythmically as Charly enjoyed tasting a woman for the first time. She captured Noelle’s vulva between her lips and used her tongue to run gently up and down the slit, occasionally poking inside, then licked tiny circles around the clit hood before hitting her target. Her middle finger slipped inside Noelle’s sopping wet pussy and wiggled it around until she knew she’d found the sweet spot. Noelle moaned loudly, “Oh, God!” Next, Charly started sucking on Noelle’s clit while she added two additional fingers and slowly moved them in and out before she picked up the pace. It was incredibly erotic for Charly to feel that she was about to make Noelle cum. She continued sucking and swirling and fingering until Noelle bucked, arched her back and exploded. Her orgasm was the most intense she’d ever had. Charly moved to lay down next to Noelle. “Kiss me,” Noelle said, “I want to taste my juices on your mouth.” Charly kissed her deeply and, when she broke off the kiss, Noelle whispered, “Lay back, I want to return the favor.” They spent the night together and woke together in Noelle’s bed. They spent a few quiet moments before Charly broke the silence, “So, where do we go from here?” Noelle pondered the question, then said, “I see three options. We can explore a relationship together, we can chalk this up to a fun time and just be friends, or we can say thanks for an amazing night and go our separate ways.” Charly took Noelle’s face in her hands and kissed her softly, “I only see one choice. I don’t think I could walk away from you if I tried. This isn’t what I planned, but it’s what I want.” Noelle hugged Charly as tears streamed down her face. It’s what she wanted too. “I never planned this either. But before I allow myself to fall completely in love with you, I need to disclose something,” Noelle said. “David’s lover, Michael is my lawyer.” Charly nodded and said, “It’s fine. He’s actually a damn good lawyer and if you get what you deserve from the divorce settlement, then that’s a good thing Noelle.” “Yes, but he’s also my brother,” Noelle admitted. Charly froze. Noelle continued, “We aren’t close. In fact, before the divorce, I hadn’t seen him in two years. But, Charly, you should know, I’ve met David.” “Oh,” Charly said quietly. “If you want to choose option three, and just walk away, I will understand,” Noelle said, tears welling up in her eyes. “It would hurt like hell, but I get it if this revelation is just too much.” When Charly looked at Noelle, she saw the promise of love and life and laughter. Could she really just walk away from all that? She took a deep breath and said, “Michael has already taken David away from me, I won’t let him be the reason I lose you, too. I don’t know what lies ahead for us, Noelle, but I can’t walk away from you. For the first time in a long time, I feel like my heart might have a chance to heal.” Charly put her arms around Noelle and held her close, “Let’s see if we can find love on the other side of all the hurt and disappointment that we’ve both been through.” Noelle smiled and hugged Charly tight to her, “Thank you for taking a chance on loving me.” They began their day talking about healing and friendship and taking chances. It was a good start to something hopeful for them both.